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Examples of Healings from the authentic Christian life:

These are examples of events in our life that we have personally experienced.  They are not from a book or from someone else's life.  They are from our life and we can attest to their truth.

Healings. (Just four from the many examples we have).

(i)    In UK I (Sheila) had been laid up for weeks with a bad back.  It was so bad that I was practically immobile and had to sleep on the settee downstairs.  The doctor gave me some pills but I did not take them because I thought it best to trust in God rather than man. I read Matthew 13: 11-13 where Jesus healed a woman bent over because of a spirit of infirmity and realised that the source of my infirmity was spiritual and so I commanded the spirit to leave in Jesus name.  I got up and went to the gym and was fine from then on. The Gym instructor who had seen me struggling around town and the doctor who was a member of the parich church were so amazed and I used it to witness to them.

(2)  We were i Bible college in the USA and  I (Max) had a lump on my shin bone about half the size of a table tennis ball.  It had been there for over a year.  During a service led by a visiting notable TV Evangelist (whom I did not like) he suggested that if we were sick we should lay hands on ourselves.  I laid hands on my leg and prayed for the lump to go in Jesus name.  Over the next ten minutes or so Sheila and I saw it shrink visibly and within a fortnight it had gone completely.  

(3)  When we were missionaries in Japan I (Sheila) had a severe ear pain and other vague symptoms and could not sleep.  I got up and researched my symptoms on the internet and they seemed to say that I had AIDS!!!!  I said, "I'm not having that" and an audible voice clearly said, "So what will you have?"  Realising that this was a spiritual attack I commanded it to go in Jesus name, went back to bed and was cured.

(4)   In Iwanai, Japan the local council gave us a stand at the town festival.  It was a great opportunity to witness to the whole population. Just as we were setting up I (Max) smashed my finger with a heavy ice block. The nail on my middle finger split wide open exposing bleeding flesh underneath. I knew I could not carry on and the opportunity to witness would be lost, so I held my finger, prayed for healing in Jesus name, and the nail closed over and sealed.  It ached but I was able to complete the day and we witnessed about Jesus to the whole town.

Again and again we have seen sickness attack us.  However, once we cease to view it the world's way and stand on the promises of God we see a complete and miraculous healing take place.  Not always instant but always effective.