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Examples of Provision from the authentic Christian life:

These are examples of events in our life that we have personally experienced.  They are not from a book or from someone else's life.  They are from our life and we can attest to their truth.

Provision. (Just four from the many examples we have).

(i) When we arrived at the Bible College in Dallas Texas USA we did not have a car.  Some friends took us to a car lot and we saw a car that suited us but it exceeded our budget by a thousand dollars. We stood and prayed with the salesman and our friends and asked for God's guidence.  We said we would make our decision the next day. As we arrived back at our apartment the phone rang.  It was my stepson calling from New Jersey and when I said we were looking for a car he told us that his wife's grandmother had a car to sell. We had unused return air tickets to N.J. and so we flew up there.  It was a classic Dodge Ventura with extremely low mileage.  She would only accept $500.00 for it and then gave us $50.00 back for gas for the drive back to Dallas. It served us well and we gifted it to our local church when we left.  

(2)  We were about to leave the Bible College in Dallas and went to collect a $500.00 security deposit that we had made at the startof our time there.  We needed it as we were about to head for Japan as missionaries.  They said they could find no evidence of our deposit. Unfortunately during the chaotic joining process we had not bathered to ask for a receipt and so we could not produce any evidence.  We had several meetings without any progress.  Right was on our side but we decided we would not get into dispute with fellow Christians because we put our trust in God not man.  We told them so and closed the matter.  A few days after making the decision and out the blue we received a totally unexpected check from California for $2,000.00.  God honoured our trusting in Him. About a week after that the College gave us the $500.00 and apologised for their mistake.

(3)  When we arrived as unsupported missionaries in Iwanai, a small fishing town in Hokkaido Japan we had nowhere to live.  Our employers (we were teaching English) showed us a few old and ratty (literally) apartments.  They said that local people did not like or accept foreigners and so it was difficult to find a decent place. Sheila was outraged. "God sent us here so God will show us a place". We set off on borrowed bicycles and using our small Japanese dictionary said "aparto?" to an old lady. She nodded and took us to another old lady who led us to a small office where another lady jabbered at us in Japanese. "Lord", we said, "We need help."  At that moment a tall blond man entered wearing a cap with the word "Jesus' on it. (He was a visiting Lutheran missionary).  He quickly sorted things out and we ended up with a two bedroomed apartment with all modern plumbing etc.  Against all the odds God showed how He was caring for us.

(4)   We had moved to Sapulpa, a small town near Tulsa, Okllahoma and the ceiling of the house we were renting collapsed due to rain and a leaky roof.  We decided to move and felt led to look at an empty place in Tulsa. When we got home Sheila realized that she had left her purse in the house and we called a friend who lived near to it to go and rescue it for her. When we told him that we had been looking for a place he laughed and said that he and his wife had decided to sell their place and just that same day they been praying for someone to buy it and they had both felt that we were the ones.  They needed ann immediate sale as they were moving their ministry to another location.  Three days later the arrangements were settled and we moved in to our new home. 1,350 squ, ft. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, utility room, Full aircon and heating.  God hed led them and us to the same point and we were all blessed.   God, As usual God knew what He was doing and all we had to do was trust Him.

Again and again we have faced lack and serious financial needs.  However, once we ceased to view it the world's way and stand on the promises of God we see a complete and miraculous provision take place.  Not always instant but always in time.